The Travelling Guardian | What should I bring? – Packing Tips
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What should I bring? – Packing Tips

Open suitcase on bed

What should I bring? – Packing Tips



Don’t lose all your amazing photos! Remember to back them up. I bring an iOS Flash Drive to store my photos from my phone.


Want to keep your suitcase smelling fresh? Put a laundry dryer sheet in your suitcase to keep clothes smelling great.


Stuffing your socks into your shoes helps save space.


Rolling your clothes helps save space in your suitcase.


Bring a few clothespins to hang up the wet clothes you wash on your hangers.


Bring a mini flashlight with a new battery.


Make a small basic first aid kit. Bring bandages that help with feet blisters! Indigestion aids can come in handy.


Check out the packing cubes. I have not used them but hear they are great. They have a vacuum sealed version as well.


Bring flip-flops to protect your feet if you shower at a pool or hostel and of course to wear when you walk the beach!


Bring extra large Ziploc bags for packing, toiletries, dirty laundry etc. I pack all my toiletries in clear bags as its easier to see everything.


Now you see it, now you don’t.  Remember to bring an extra pair of contact lenses or eyeglasses if you wear them. Check the CATSA website and you will find you can bring contact lens solution and it won’t be part of your liquid allotment!


Take packs of tissue in case toilet paper is limited in the country you are visiting. Yup this is an important one!


Pack a portable power charger. – If you travel outside of North America plug outlets are different in other countries. You will need an adapter to plug the correct prong style into the socket. There are so many types of adapters out there. *A warning, make sure your adapter/converter is compatible with your phone/laptop and hairdryer or curling iron. No fires, please! Google and research first.


Luggage all packed? I like to take a photo of my bag just in case it gets lost so that I can show it to the baggage handler for quick identification when filing a claim if it is lost.  Also, it helps to prove it was in good shape before I arrived at my destination.


Not fond of food served on-board your flight? Once through security, you can bring food or coffee on the aircraft. You can buy your sandwich or burger and get your Timmies or Starbucks coffee and take it on the aircraft. Sharing is optional.


Choose comfortable footwear, especially if you are on a long flight. At the end of your flight, you may find that your feet have swollen a bit. A shoe that has give to it that you can slip on and off will be a blessing to your feet. This is definitely not the time to be breaking in new shoes. Ps: compression stockings may help with your feet swelling.


It’s usually cold on international flights, Here’s an idea to keep your warm and keep the luggage weight down as well! Firstly, wear comfortable loose-fitting clothes..layer layer layer! Wear your bulky clothes. Wear a sweater or vest, wear your loose jeans and keep your feet warm with socks and your runners. Your warmer and your luggage is already lighter!  Its amazing what runners and jeans weigh!


Bring a Pashmina scarf, looks nice, keeps your neck warm and doubles as a light blanket.


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