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Travelling with Babies


Travelling with Babies

Do you have a first time traveller?

One of the most wonderful and yet emotional, anxiety filled experience for me was when I flew with my baby for the first time! What worried me was what I could bring in my babies diaper bag. To a first time mom this is very important!

Here is information on what you can bring with you for baby to eat or drink and what to expect when you go through Canadian airport security. Hope this information is of help to make you feel a bit more comfortable!

Happy Holidays and congratulations on your bundle of joy! Don’t forget to take a few pictures while on the plane!

In addition to your carry-on baggage allowance, a diaper bag is also permitted as long as it contains items for an infant.

In your diaper bag you can bring baby food, formula, medications, milk, water and juice, in reasonable amounts that will be required during your flight(s) and any connections.

These are exempted from the liquids, aerosols and gels restrictions only if you are travelling with a baby under two years of age (0-24 months)

All baby food or drinks, including formula, must be presented to the screening officer for a separate inspection.

As gel or ice packs are subject to the liquid restrictions  it is recommended that you freeze a bottle of milk or formula or carry a small bag of frozen vegetables (peas, for example) to keep the baby products cool.

Did you know gel and ice packs are exempt from the restrictions on liquids when used to refrigerate breast milk!

When you arrive at the security checkpoint, check if the Family/Special Needs lane is available.

Screening officers will need to inspect strollers, infant carriers and car seats.

Remove infants from their strollers/carriers. Hold them in your arms and proceed through the metal detector.

Place strollers, infant carriers and other child-related equipment including diaper bags, on the conveyor belt for security screening.

For more information on infant travel please read the Catsa website and the website of the airline carrier you are travelling with.

These sites are very helpful to better prepare you for your airport experience travelling with your baby.…/s…/travelling-with-children.html…/


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