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Have you ever heard the term “Timatic”?

Timatic stands for Travel Information Manual Automatic. Timatic is the database used by airport ground staff to determine what the passenger documentation requirements are when travelling to different countries.

  Airlines face fines levied by immigration authorities every time a passenger travels without the correct travel documentation.  As well the passenger is at a real risk of being returned back to the original airport from which the passenger departed from if they are incorrectly-boarded due to incorrect or insufficient documentation.

 For these reasons, it is important to check what documents are needed for your trip. Your connection and destination might require a visa to be issued and your passport may require to be valid for certain length of time.

 You can use the Timatic link to check on your own documentation requirements.

 Click the following link to learn more about travel documentation for your journey.

 When you click on the link, you will notice a banner that appears under the login form. In order to register, click on the banner. Afterwards you will be redirected to a page with a form to fill in.

 You can sign up for one month free of any charges and you do not have to give your banking information to register.

 To avoid any stressful surprises when you check in at the airport and when been processed through customs and immigration, use this link to check what documents you will need for your trip.

Bon Voyage!


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