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Miss Poppy’s first flight

pet in airline kennel

Miss Poppy’s first flight



To prepare yourself and your small pet for upcoming travel, I am pleased to bring you a special post by Nori from “Pop and Emm”



Considerations for Successful Air Travel with Dogs:

Ever since I had the opportunity to go with and support my parents on a warm weather vacation, I made the decision to take Miss Poppy on her first flight. Lots of work and thought went into prepping for this event to ensure that it would be a success.

*Depending on which airline you are flying on, check into what their guidelines are for having pets in the cabin.

On their website, they will indicate what size carryon is accepted, what weight restrictions are in place for flights, and what kind of paperwork is required.

Most airlines will accept a dog in a carrier weighing no more than 25 pounds.

pet in kennel

*Reserve your dog’s spot on the flight as far in advance as possible as only a certain number of pets are allowed on each flight.


*Purchase an airline approved carrier. And then, practice, practice with your pet for as long as possible so they are comfortable in that space.


*Do a dry run to the airport with your pet in the carrier and meet with a ticket agent of your airline to get their approval of your size of the carrier and your paperwork.

pet in airline kennel

*Meet with the vet to obtain the required paperwork well in advance of your flight. Your vet will also advise you if your dog may need flea and tick medication and/or heartworm medication or any other medication to stay safe and healthy in the country you are travelling to.

Have your dog weighed to make sure they meet the weight restrictions.

In Poppy’s case, I kept right on top of her weight as she is not a tiny dog in stature and was close to the weight limit.


.dog carry on goodies

*Very importantly, consider what kinds of things you need to take with you, so your dog is comfortable and well taken care of on the flight and at your destination.

I recommend you take the following: a favourite blankie, some cherished toys, a collapsible water bowl is a must-have.

Don’t forget low-calorie tiny treats for tricky situations, a leash, pee pads for the times you can’t find a relief station in an airport and prepping and prepackaging accurate portions of food comes in handy.

A tip is to put these portions in baggies in the original pet food bag as each country has restrictions on what kind of pet food can come into the country.

Also, don’t forget the toothbrush and toothpaste, a little fleece jacket for drafts and to help them feel secure, and a neckerchief to wet and cool your pet down when it is too warm.


.dog at a beach

Phew… that’s a lot of things to think about and lots of prep work…. But really it is so worth it if you want to take your pet with you.


It really was worth all the prep and legwork to ensure all went well when taking our dog Poppy to the Gulf Coast of Florida. We took two shorter flights early in the morning both under 3 hours each. Poppy slept most of the way and was tired when we got to our destination. By the second day she didn’t miss a beat! It was so much fun to have her with us! Good luck with planning your pets’ holiday! …..  Nori for Pop and Emm

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