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Travel Tips




Bring your itinerary with you and highlight the airlines booking reference and 13 digit ticket number. You will have one ticket number for your electronic ticket. You could have multiple booking references also known as a record locator or file number if you are booked on different airlines. Knowing your “airline” booking reference will help with online check-in and signing in with the carrier for online flight notification.


Booking reference will give quick access to the call centre agent or ticket agent if your booking needs to be changed. Without your booking reference or ticket number, you will not be able to have any information on your booking due to the airline’s privacy act.



Download your airline’s app before arriving at the airport. Add your flight numbers under “Track flights” or “My flights”. You will need your airline booking reference number. You will receive information on flight delays, cancellations and follow up notices from the airline.



Do you text a lot? Check your emails a lot? Be sure to contact your phone provider and inquire about data roaming or international fees and how to arrange for international texts and phone call plans before you leave for your holiday. Check to see if you can get your phone unlocked so that you can buy a local Sim card at your destination. Older phones may be locked and prevent you from using a new Sim card.



Where ever I travelled to in the world I could always depend on having Wi-Fi available at McDonald’s and Starbucks. What you should not do with public WI-FI is check your bank balances, or change any passwords or make any online payments… (Read about VPNs under Safe Travel Tips)



Since I mentioned McDonald’s, this is totally random but have a look at their menu if you are in another country you will notice they always serve something very local. I had dried seaweed salt with my fry’s in Hong Kong and macaroons in Paris..okay.. I was weak and I was there using the Wi-Fi! It was only twice…



Have you heard of WhatsApp? WhatsApp is a free download app for smartphones. WhatsApp uses the internet to send messages, images, audio or video. It allows you to call anywhere in the world free, even if they’re in another country. Voice calling uses your phone’s Internet connection rather than your cellular plan’s voice minutes. Data charges may apply. With iMessage, you can text from anywhere for free, as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection and the person your messaging also has an iPhone or Mac.



Special meals for dietary requirements can be ordered in advance of your flight if the airline has a complimentary meal service and not a buy on board service. Complimentary meal service is usually on flights that are longer than 6 hours. For a special meal request, you need to give at least 24 hours notice prior to your flight. Check the airline’s website for more info.



Speaking of food on-board an aircraft, more carriers are charging for the meals or snacks. When a booking is made you usually have the option of pre-paying a meal or a snack online. A code is added to your boarding card identifying the purchase. This avoids you having to pay on board. As well some carriers will not accept cash payment for the meal purchase. Always best to check the website for further details.



Did you know if you are wearing a fresh plaster cast and are booked to travel within 24 hours, your travel plans could be delayed? Some airlines require you to wait 24 hours after a plaster cast has been fitted for flights less than 2 hours, and 48 hours for longer flights. This is because there’s a risk of swelling after a plaster cast is first fitted, which can affect your circulation.



Beat jet lag on international flights by tricking your body into thinkings it’s in the time zone of your destination! How, did you say? By resetting your watch to the local time of the city you are travelling to as soon as you board the plane and sleep when its night time at your destination! When you land and its light out, stay up! Don’t go to sleep until its evening.. sightsee and keep yourself busy! Its tough but this routine really has helped me.



On a long flight, get up and walk around. Get the blood circulating, stretch your legs at least every two hours. Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. Minimize the alcohol to avoid dehydration. Try and get some sleep.



Have you ever used Skype? Skype is a software program that enables you to use your computer to communicate with other people. You can create a Skype account at no cost. Once you do, you can use your Skype account to make free voice or video calls from your Internet connection to other users also using the Internet. Skype also has a smartphone app to make it easy to use, from your mobile device, so you don’t have to be tied to a computer to Skype. For a fee, you can also use Skype to connect with people through a mobile phone or landline. I knew someone who was in Paris and she could not get a hold of a local airline. She used Skype and contacted the airlines North America phone line and was assisted immediately.



Research the international currency you will use at your destination and order your currency at least two weeks in advance from your bank or currency exchange office. Take US dollars with you as well which is universally accepted in case you run out of local currency. Order small bills.  Having small bills will help when you first arrive in a strange city. Smaller bills are best for taxis and hotel tips, even public restrooms! Yes, you have to pay to use some bathrooms, it’s a very minimal fee. I had to pay in Manila and Saigon and in Playa del Carmen to use the airport washrooms and was very happy I had coins with me and small bills.



Downloading the  XE currency converter app really helped me when I went between 3 different countries.



Limit the amount of cash you carry with you and split up the cash for the day between two different locations, on your person. I carried my money in my front pant pocket and in my sling (slash proof) travel purse.



In a densely populated place like a busy market or train station or airport terminal, you may notice people wearing backpacks in front of them instead of wearing them on their backs. These people are seasoned travellers or locals avoiding a pickpocket from a temptation.



Find out in advance if you are charged a foreign transaction fee or atm fee when you use your credit card or debit card. It’s not a nice surprise to come back to if you are unaware of the extra fees.



Please, do not forget to buy travel health insurance! (See this website for a blog about a grateful family who bought insurance)  Don’t waituntil 24 hours prior to your flight to buy your policy. You may find that there is a deadline for purchasing insurance for tickets, travel packages and cruise packages. *Take a copy of the policy with you making sure you have the emergency phone line and policy number.



Check with a travel insurance professional to see if trip interruption insurance or cancellation insurance is recommended for your ticket purchase and your travels.



If your planning all kinds of incredible daring sports activities at your resort, double check your travel policy to see if you’re covered in case of an accident. You may find that you have no coverage if you are participating in any dangerous sport like scuba diving. bungy jumping, skydiving etc .. yup.. double check this one and talk to a professional who sells travel insurance to find out the best policy for you.



Write down.. yes, write down your friends or family contacts and emergency numbers including your hotel name address and phone numbers. If you had no power on your cell phone or laptop at least there is an old-fashioned backup.



Did you want to treat yourself to time in an airline lounge before your flight? Meals, drinks, snacks, quiet time, magazines and free wifi are all a definite treat! If the airline you are travelling with has a lounge at your airport, you may be able to go online to the airline’s website 24 hours prior and prepay your visit. You may have a credit card or point card that already gives you access, however, you must be holding that airline’s boarding card to gain entry. Access to an airlines lounge could be dependent on the type of airfare you paid when you purchased.

If you do not qualify to stay in an airline lounge, don’t worry you can still enjoy access to the Plaza Premium lounges in most airports regardless of your ticket price or the airline you are travelling with. You can prepay a stay on their website or pay for your stay in person. The fee charged is dependant on the length of time you stay. My favourite is the Plaza Premium lounge in Edmonton!


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