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Favourable Mentions


Bonaventure Travel Inc. provides first rate personalized travel services to all our clients and after 25 years of steadfast service, we are still committed to exceeding your expectations! We diverge from the large corporate model to offer a more comfortable environment more suitable for planning your getaway.


Eye on Spaces provides services that simplify your life and add more time to your day. Eye on Spaces improves your quality of life by taking care of tasks that are time consuming. Eye on Spaces will match your needs with services they provide and manage every aspect of your life so that you can create unforgettable memories.



Convenience, Productivity, and Safety: three reasons customers choose FastAir. Travel direct to meetings, including out-of-the-way destinations. Work on-board in secure privacy. Arrive well-rested, get home sooner. A diverse fleet of aircraft for varied needs. Flight Safety Trained Jet Pilots and Transport Canada Certified Safety trained flight crews.

Fast Air’s Highly trained medical staff care for patients with ease and compassion around the clock. The flight dispatch centre provides timely arrivals of dedicated King Air 200’s and medical teams. The specially trained air crew ensure smooth, safe and efficient patient transfers.