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Airport Security



The Canadian Transport Security Authority known as CATSA has a fabulous website for what you can bring through security.

Use a clear medium 1-litre ziplock bag which is similar to the plastic bag you can pick up at security to put your shampoos, toothpaste, hand lotion etc in. If you cant stuff all your mini travel size bottles in that bag, you are bringing too much. Pack the other containers in a large Ziploc so there is no leaking and put in your suitcase. You are permitted 100 ml (3.4 oz or smaller containers in your one-litre plastic bag.

There are some exemptions for the 100 ml or 1-litre limit when you are travelling with infants and children and passengers needing medication. Everything from breast milk to eyewash to ibuprofen is covered in the website. Check out possible exemptions at

Please remember this information is for travel within Canada. Never travel with any type of over the counter or prescription medication without checking the applicable government website.

If you are bringing gifts, leave them unwrapped in case their contents may need to be inspected. Pack gift wrapping and tape separately.

Prepare yourself for airport security screening and remove your laptop, one-litre bag of liquids and medication from your carry-on baggage and place them separately in a bin. Don’t start digging them out of your well-packed carry-on bag at the last minute. Any sweaters, jackets, hats, scarfs will also need to go in a bin to be scanned, and possible your shoes or boots depending on how they are made. My Clark shoes always needed to be scanned and my boots with zippers as well.

Smaller electronics like tablets, eBooks, cameras and handheld video games can stay in your carry-on baggage for screening. Have all of these items packed in one layer, this helps you find them quickly if your carry-on needs to be manually checked.

Don’t forget your snacks, yes you can bring food through security just not liquids or jell type foods. Bring your empty water bottle to refill after you have passed through security.


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