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Are you missing out on quality time with loved ones because you are unable or anxious to fly alone?

Do you wish your grandchildren were able to visit during your winter vacation? Are you nervous about navigating airports and connecting flights? Are you a parent in need of an extra set of hands from departure to arrival?

The Travelling Guardian accompanies you on your flight and provides professional travel assistance with all aspects of your flight plans — from flight reservations, to check-in and security, throughout the flight, to baggage claim—everything  you need to get to your destination safely and without worry.


People reluctant to fly alone

People who fly alone may feel anxious and nervous. Let the Travelling Guardian calm those thoughts for you, by travelling with you.

Separated Families

Sometimes when families separate, it can be a challenge figuring out a travel plan that works with everyone’s schedule. Our fully qualified travel chaperone can help reduce the stress placed on families by travelling with your children.


Seniors Travel Companion

Travelling with a professional travel companion who understands how to navigate airports quickly and look after the unexpected efficiently can enhance the quality of the experience for seniors. Let us help your loved ones experience by being with them every step of the way.

Special Needs Travellers

For travellers with special needs, understanding how you can be assisted and communicating in advance with airport staff, security and others is often the difference between an enjoyable experience or a frustrating experience. We’ll help you navigate through the process to ensure you have an enjoyable experience.


Child Travel Companion

Is your child a first time traveller? Are there connecting flights involved in their itinerary? The Travelling Guardian can offer your child a stress free and fun experience and give mom and dad peace of mind in knowing that your child is being looked after by a qualified travel professional.

Disabled or Mobility Impaired Travellers

Travelling with a disability can be a challenge. Having someone who knows the correct procedures for checking in, helping with mobility aids at the airport to assisting you with security clearance and who understands how to navigate airport terminals can make your journey a whole lot simpler. Dont let a disability stop you from travelling.


Parents Travelling with Young Children

Travelling with infants and toddlers can be stressful however it doesn’t have to be. If you’re looking for an extra pair hands to help make your journey a calming and enjoyable experience, our travelling nanny service could be the solution you’re looking for.

Minors Requiring a Chaperone

Hectic schedules for working parents, may mean that you aren’t able to travel with your children. Whether they’re travelling to visit friends or family, off to summer camp or International boarding school, The Travelling Guardian travels with your child to ensure they reach their destination safely and provides you with peace of mind.


What does peace of mind cost?