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Travel Companion Quote


Companion travel fees to frequently traveled cities are shown below.

If your departure city or destination is not shown, please fill out a form and we will quickly provide you with a quote and answer any questions you may have

Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you!


Departure City/Winnipeg

One-way Travel Companion Fees

Please note the one-way companion travel service fees will be subject to change according to airline schedule changes that may occur at certain times of the year. Service fees include connection times if there are no non-stop flights for the route flown.



What’s included

+ Meet with client to research airfare, book travel reservations, and arrange for health/cancellation insurance

+ Verify all required travel documentation is in order

+ Provide a detailed travel plan

+ Reconfirm flight times and routings with air carrier

+ Meet client at home or airport prior to flight and collect luggage

+ Assist with airport check-in, baggage, and seat preferences

+ Assist with mobility aids, strollers, car seats, or wheelchair requests

+ Assisting through security and/or customs

+ Providing access to an airport/airline lounge prior to boarding

+ Accompany you during the flight

+ Assist with connecting flights and terminal changes

+ Resolve issues that may arise such as: flight delays, cancellations, ticket rerouting, or overnight hotel accommodations

+ Communicate with family members or friends via phone, text, and photos during the trip

+ Retrieve luggage at baggage claim

+ Escort you directly to your family or friends upon arrival at the airport

+ Inform additional family members or friends of your safe arrival via phone or text  


What’s not included

The purchase of one or two round trip tickets for The Travelling Guardian

Purchase of a one way or round-trip ticket for the client

Overnight accommodation and meals if a layover is involved

Cancellation insurance/health insurance (client only)

Cancellation fees for both tickets if changes or cancellation occur on client’s part

Ground transportation

Any visa costs for international destinations