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Have a question that needs answering?

If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please send it to us. We’re always happy to help.

What does a Travel Guardian do?

A Travelling Guardian is a companion that travels by air with their client. The Travelling Guardian accompanies children who may be travelling between parents or visiting cousins or grandparents. We also help parents with toddlers and infants that really need and need an extra hand. As well we travel with passengers that may have a disability that prevents them from travelling alone.

Some travellers no longer want to travel on their own because they are nervous and need help with navigating airports, especially international airports. With a travel companion, they now can be relieved of their worries and look forward to enjoying their trip!

Our clients will be helped with their travel plans, airline bookings, packing, and arranging transportation to the airport. Once they are at the airport the client will be assisted with their luggage, helped with check-in and guided through security. After security, if there is sufficient time they will be taken to an airport lounge to relax and have tea before the flight.

From the lounge, we continue on to the departure gate and usually preboard. The Travelling Guardian will have seat assignment next to the client, taking care to assist with any onboard needs.

Upon the arrival of the flight The Travelling Guardian picks up the luggage for their client and they both await the arrival of friends or family. Once the client is in safe hands The Travelling Guardian returns back by air (usually the same day) to the city they started from. The Travelling Guardian may stay and accompany you on your travels, or return back to pick you up when your vacation is finished.

What amount do you charge for your accompaniment fee?

I charge an hourly accompaniment fee based on destination and connections. Once your travel itinerary has been tentatively planned I will be able to give you a quote. If there is more than one traveler the hourly fee is discounted. Airfares/insurance/ground fees are separate from the accompaniment fee. There will be a non-refundable deposit required at the time of booking.

Can you stay with me when I get to my destination and tour with me?

Yes, I am able to take a client to a favorite destination and assist them during their stay. I also look forward to uniting my client’s with their family and friends as well. If there are small groups of 6 or less, I also look after planning and accompanying clients to any destination.

Do I need health insurance or cancellation insurance to travel?

Cancellation insurance for your airline ticket is highly recommended. Health insurance for all destinations is also highly recommended. When you are travelling outside of Canada and using the services of the Travelling Guardian, health and cancellation insurance will be mandatory. Together we can investigate which insurance company properly meets your travel needs.

Are you well travelled?

Definitely!  In the last three years, I’ve been to Vietnam, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Italy, France and Germany. I’ve travelled within Canada, to the USA, Mexico and the Caribbean, Europe, China and Australia. I love to travel and enjoy sharing my pictures and travel experiences! I really enjoy airports and I never get tired of the plane ride!

What qualifications and experience do you have to be a travel companion?

It is very important to know your child, parent or grandparent are in good hands!

The Travelling Guardians are caring, conscientious, kind, detailed and very knowledgeable on all aspects of travel. We are retired professionals that have worked for an international airline at the airport for a minimum of thirty years. We are all extremely well-travelled and understand the complexities of larger airports and problems that can incur on your travels.

We have checked in passengers, dealt with ticketing problems and worked at the departure gates assisting many travellers as well as working the customer service desk assisting with rebookings due to cancelled or delayed flights.

We have assisted many special needs passengers throughout our years. We will look after you if you require a wheelchair and are physically able to assist you if you need help with transferring from your wheelchair to an airlines aisle chair.

We have current certification that we have undergone a check through the Adult Abuse Registry, Vulnerable Sector Registry, Criminal Record check and a Child Abuse Registry.

We ask that the client sign a liability contract to indicate that they are cleared for travel if they declare any illness.

We have a certificate for Standard First Aid2 with CPR level C and AED training. At this time we do not have anyone with a nursing degree in staff.

What we want to do, is make travel possible for those that thought they could not travel by themselves anymore. Our experienced Travel Guardians offer a worry-free travel experience giving you and your family peace of mind.

“From here to there-with expert care”

Can you provide medical assistance on my journey?

As I am not a healthcare professional, I am unable to provide you with any medical assistance.

I am certified in Standard First Aid with CPR level II and AED and will travel with a first aid kit.

I will provide you with exceptional care and companionship as we travel together.

Please note that pre-existing condition’s must be clearly identified prior to booking.

Will you work with my travel agent?

Absolutely! We highly reccomend travel agents. We will contact your travel agent for you or accompany you to their office to discuss the flight bookings.

Do you have insurance?

Comprehensive General Liability Policy and Bonded coverage

What is the youngest age of the child you will accompany?

We will accompany a child 5 years of age or older on a non-stop or connecting flights. We have fun travel kits packed for their enjoyment!

A Child Travel Consent letter is provided and must be filled out by the parents or legal guardian.

Names and phone numbers of friends or family members who will be meeting your child at the arriving airport must be provided in writing or email in advance to the departing flight.

The Travelling Guardian requires that identification is to be shown to verify there is a name match given by the parent/guardian before your child is able to leave the arriving airport. No other adult will be able to pick up your child unless an email is sent verifying the change.

We want you and your child to have peace of mind and safety is of utmost importance. We are with your child every single step of the way.

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